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Tips To Reduce Your Laundry Piles during Winter Seasons

Laundry chores are a whole different ball game during the winter season. With the chilly weather, laundry takes a lot longer to dry off properly and dusk comes much sooner. One of the biggest challenges of taking care of laundry during winter is the fact that there is so much more to wash during this season. We all love to layer up on our clothing in order to stay warm and all of those winter blankets and throws certainly don’t help much when it comes to keeping your laundry piles small. 

At Brite Coin Laundry we know exactly how challenging it can be to get to all of your laundry completed now that the days are shorter and laundry piles are bulkier. This is exactly why we are going to share a few secrets to keep your laundry chores to a bare minimum during the winter.

1. Do Laundry Less Frequently

This may seem like a silly tip but if you choose a specific day to do laundry and stick to that day then you will save lots of time. Instead of washing a pile of laundry every day, save your laundry for a specific day and visit Brite Coin Laundry. 

You can stuff as many washing machines with your laundry and get everything dry in one sitting. This can save you heaps of time throughout the week. With this routine, you also teach yourself to use less clothing items through the week or can help you discover other ways to keep garments clean so you can wear them more often before washing them. 

2. Don’t Wash Your Warm Clothing after Every Single Use

Lots of warm clothing items are not worn all day and don’t need to be washed every day at all. These items such as your knit jerseys, warm jackets, and styling accessories are hardly exposed to body sweat and are usually pretty clean. Only wash your warm wear when they are actually dirty. A good way to save clothing without it looking too obvious is by alternating between jackets. It will look like you are wearing clean clothes every day when in fact you are simply switching out until items are dirty enough for a good wash.

3. Don’t Wash Jeans after Every Wear

Modern water saving methods involves washing denim items less frequently. You don’t need to plunge your jeans or especially designer jeans into the washing machine after every wear. Instead, wear these items until they are visibly dirty. In the meantime, you can pop these garments into the freezer. Freezing your clothes will kill bacteria and eliminate odours. 

4. Keep An Eye On Kids

For children, it is much easier to toss garments into the wash after just an hour of wear than it is to fold and hang these items back into their closet. Keep an eye on your children and teach them to actually look whether clothing is dirty or not before tossing these items into the laundry bin.

5. Choose Practical Colours and Fabrics

Lighter fabrics and linen look dirtier much quicker. You will be much more tempted to wash lighter bedding and jackets more frequently and the same goes for thinner fabrics compared to thicker fabrics. Invest in darker colours and thicker fabrics for winter so these items won’t look messy even though they might still be quite clean.

6. Wash Your Items at a Quality Laundromat

By washing your clothes at a laundry service like Brite Coin Laundry, you can get everything washed in one go and you can bulk all of your items into our large capacity dryers and get everything done a lot quicker. This will save you lots of water and electricity. 

Hopefully, these laundry tips will help ease your laundry chores this winter so you can free up some more time for those other things in your life that is far more important than a few piles of dirty clothes.

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